• David Wilde Will Compose Soundtrack for Short Film Refuge
  • (Little) Red Riding Hood's 77th Film Festival Selection
  • L'Engagement 1.0 Soundtrack Available on iTunes
  • (Little) Red Riding Hood Selected to UK Monthly Film
  • (Little) Red Riding Hood Enters Three More Film Festivals
  • Little Red Riding Hood Now in 61 Film Festival Selections
  • Two Feature Projects in the Works
  • (Little) Red Riding Hood Selected for Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival in Chicago
  • Sara Hofstein: Women of Vienna
  • Refuge Receives Support from BAFTA Award-Winning Filmmaker and Many Corporations
  • Little Red Riding Hood Selected For French/Argentinian Film Festivals
  • L'Engagement 1.0 Will Screen Tuesday, 6 September at Cinema Brest
  • Refuge Moves To Next Stage of Filmed Production
  • EPF Raises $5060 For Short Film Refuge
  • EPF's Marian Hofstein Will Be Featured at Big River Film Fest
  • Refuge's Second Secret Perk is Now Available
  • Michael Hofstein Elected to AFPF Board of Directors
  • Little Red Riding Hood The Film Selected for Moving Pictures Festival
  • Refuge: A Short Film
  • Refuge on INDIEGOGO
  • Way Out Mag Discusses Stephane Guenin and L'Engagement 1.0
  • L'Engagement 1.0 Will Headline at Cinéma Le Sévigné 43 April 21
  • Behind The Scenes: Killing Uncle Roman
  • 6 Things You Didn't Know About L'Engagement 1.0
  • A Fabulous Tale: I'm Feeling A Rainbow
  • (Little) Red Riding Hood in the Chinh Children's Film Festival in India
  • L'Engagement 1.0 Will Screen Nightly Through December 29 in Paris
  • L'Engagement 1.0 Premieres Tonight in Paris!
  • Designing With Sound: Eric Mauer
  • Magic of the Violin: Frédéric Moreau
  • From Law Firm to the Screen: Stephane Guenin
  • Press Release: EuroPacific Films Explores Terrorism in L'Engagement 1.0
  • L'Engagement 1.0 Premieres Next Week in Paris!
  • L'Engagement 1.0 Will Premiere on 17 December 2015 In Paris
  • New Trailer for L'Engagement 1.0 Now Available Online
  • The 7th Lie
  • Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - L'Engagement 1.0
  • I Am A Bird - Performed by Sebastien Agius - L'ENGAGEMENT 1.0
  • The Four Seasons - Performed by Frederic Moreau and Les Violons de France - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • Trailer for (Little) Red Riding Hood is Now Available on YouTube
  • Official Trailer for L'Engagement 1.0 Is Now Available on YouTube
  • Meet surfing sensation, Danny Cortazzo!
  • L'Engagement 1.0 secures French distribution!
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Press Release
killing uncle roman movie euro pacific logo

Based on a true story, Killing Uncle Roman focuses on the relationship and eventual downfall of two killers who become lovers.
7th lie logo euro pacific bw

A French language movie, Le 7eme (septieme) Mensonge was released in 2005 and played in 9 film festivals worldwide prior to its theatrical release in Europe. It was the first movie produced that is part of the cinéma résistant movement and the first French feature shot completely using digital technology.
red riding hood logo euro pacific films bw

Now Playing in Selected Film Festivals

An original musical mockumentary about the dynamic entertainer Tony Fabulous and his fabulous life!
refuge logo

A Jewish American woman and an Ethiopian refugee reconcile Austria’s past with its present.

An Action Thriller Currently in Development