L’Engagement 1.0 Will Screen Tuesday, 6 September at Cinema Brest

Be sure to mark your calendar for Tuesday, 6 September for the special screening of L’Engagement 1.0.

Tuesday, 6 September
Cinema Brest Les Studios
136 Rue Jean Jaurès
29200 Brest, France

Immediately after the screening will be a Q&A with the film’s director Stephane Guenn. For more information, be sure to visit the cinema’s official website.

L’Engagement 1.0 – A Film by Stéphane Guenin. This French language movie (with English subtitles) was filmed in Paris and Gohory, France, and stars Geoffroy Thiebaut, Franck Cabot-David, Geraldine Girault, Baker Guennoun, Bruno Henry, and Alexandre Le Provost.

About L’Engagement 1.0
At the time of his detention in the premises of the DCRI, famous Parisian lawyer Nathan Ganzer is questioned by Commissioner David’s officers on the preparation of a terrorist attack on French soil funded by of its customers.

More information on the film cam be found at the film’s official webpage. Or, become a member of L’Engagement 1.0’s online family and like the Facebook page.