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An Action Thriller Currently in Development

An explosion rocks the London Stock Exchange while preparations for the next G8 Summit in Berlin are underway. Seemingly unrelated, the assassination of the Saudi Ambassador to Great Britain within hours of the explosion brings the connections to light. MI-5 Director General Melinda Howell, with assistance from her counter-terrorism expert Malcolm Forsythe, organizes Task Force 8 to stop the terrorists before they can disrupt the Summit. With British security shattered, the hunt is on for the terrorist cell behind the attacks. Interpol agent Geoffrey Gloss and NSA agent Ren Tyler, assigned to this elite team, are thrust into a multi-national search for the terrorists while charged with the protection of a pro-Western Saudi prince.

Their complex mission becomes increasing difficult, hampered in part by a mole hidden in MI-5. Danger escalates when the convoy carrying the Saudi prince is attacked while en route to the Summit. With the prince’s safety in doubt, the two daring agents must confront their adversaries in a final showdown in the heart of Berlin.

Original Screenplay: Michael Hofstein
Producers: Stratton Leopold, Marian Hofstein, Michael Hofstein
Language: English
Budget: $40M – $45M
Filming Locations: Hungary, Spain, Germany, England and Canada