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Le 7éme Mensonge (The 7th Lie)


Le 7eme (septieme) Mensonge was the first movie produced as part of the cinéma résistant movement and the first French feature entirely shot with digital technology.

Georges de Rays, a wealthy and famous orchestra conductor, marries Diane, his 7th wife, within the walls of his medieval castle. She enjoys her new found lifestyle, her friends, and the beautiful stallion Georges presents to her. Despite all his fine gifts and kindness, she still awaits her husband’s first late night visit.

She is treated like a child and not a woman. As her sense of loss grows and her touch with reality diminishes, she disobeys her husband.

A French language movie, Le 7eme (septieme) Mensonge was released in 2005 and played in 9 film festivals worldwide prior to its theatrical release in Europe. It was the first movie produced that is part of the cinéma résistant movement and the first French feature shot completely using digital technology.

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“Le 7eme Mensonge”

avec Georges  MARTIN CENSIER •  Stéphane BONNET •

Alexandre VIGOUROUX • Diane HAZIEL

Musique Originale Fréderic MOREAU

Directeur de la Photographie Michael HOFSTEIN

Produit par Georges SOUCHON • Michael HOFSTEIN • Stéphane GUENIN

Ecrit et Réalise par Stéphane GUENIN

Le 7ème mensonge (The 7th Lie)

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