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Cinéma Résistant

A movement born in the new millennium embraces the idea of the independent filmmaker but does not rebel against the established order; instead this loosely knit group of filmmakers intends to work towards an acceptable equanimity within today’s filmmaking hierarchy while maintaining its independence as a movement.

Most companies have Mission Statements. We prefer to be governed by the Laws of Common Sense found in our Manifesto.

Cinéma Résistant Manifesto

  • To produce movies for theatrical release in a professional manner as a means of capturing the spirit of telling stories through a visual medium.
  • To produce movies on any medium for eventual theatrical distribution.
  • To place as much production value as possible on the screen by always negotiating the best deal with vendors, corporations, government entities, and individuals so that the cost of production can be kept to a minimum.
  • To produce movies following the laws of the land and to work as cooperatively as possible with the organizations and government committees overseeing motion picture production.
  • Once in production, never ignore or disobey government regulations or corporate authority unless the government bureaucrat or the managing authority becomes immovable in their abilities to help the movie go forth.
  • It is the responsibility of the Cinéma Résistant filmmaker to continue production by working around all obstacles set forth by government regulators or corporate naysayers.
  • Never accept “no” as an answer from an obstinate bureaucrat or mid-level executive when a reasonable request has been made.
  • Never work with assholes.