L’Engagement 1.0 Premieres Tonight in Paris!

L’Engagement 1.0 will premiere tonight in Paris! Be sure to purchase your tickets for this very special screening that will include a Q&A with Stephane Guenin (writer and director), Bruno Henry (Cast Member, “The Instructor”) and Eric Mauer (L’Engagement 1.0 Sound Designer). Some of the cast will also be in attendance!

To purchase tickets, visit the cinema’s official website.

Enticed by wealth and frightened by evil, Jewish attorney Nathan Ganzer’s (Geoffroy Thiebaut) life changes when he is unexpectedly detained by the French Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) and forced to endure an intense interrogation. The agents accuse him of aiding suspected Arab terrorists and skillfully manipulate Ganzer into believing he will be implicated in the next attack.

Bluffing his way free of the devastating indictments, Ganzer finally discovers his ability to take control of his life and exact revenge on those trying to destroy him.

This French language movie (with English subtitles) was filmed in Paris and Gohory, France, and stars Geoffroy Thiebaut, Franck Cabot-David, Geraldine Girault, Baker Guennoun, Bruno Henry, and Alexandre Le Provost.