6 Things You Didn’t Know About L’Engagement 1.0

Movies tell stories that can take us to places we’ve never been to before. They bring characters, situations and locations to life that satisfy our appetites for a great story. While the we sit in a cinema watching a story unfold, sometimes what happened bend-the-scenes can be just – or even more – entertaining. Here are 6 facts from the production of L’Engagement 1.0.

1) Some locations for L’ENGAGEMENT 1.0 were so small that some of the crew members could not fit on the set.


2) L’Engagement 1.0 was filmed on location in Paris and Gohory, France in 11 productions days.


3) L’Engagement 1.0 was based on real people and real events.


4) The production staff had an international crew that included USA, France, Hungary and India.


5) Writer and director Stephane Guenin is a former lawyer.


6) During the production, the average outdoor temperature was below -15 degrees Celsius.