A Fabulous Tale: I’m Feeling A Rainbow

In this special clip from the all original musical mockumentary A Fabulous Tale, Tony Fabulous recalls his youth when he found an angel at a local car wash who inspired him to sing “I’m Feeling A Rainbow.”

A Fabulous Tale is an original musical mockumentary about the dynamic entertainer, Tony Fabulous. The filmmakers give a special nod to director Rob Reiner’s This is Spinal Tap while paying homage to generations of fabulous entertainers. A Fabulous Tale can be seen in its entirety here on our website.

About A Fabulous Tale
Director Stuart Spielburger captures Mr. Fabulous during some reflective moments, then combines these interviews with 1950’s home movies, a 1960’s surf scene and recent live concerts. Ultimately, Tony reveals himself in a way only Tony can – through his words and music — that wonderful voice, those clever lyrics.