Meet surfing sensation, Danny Cortazzo!

In this clip from the all original musical mockumentary A FABULOUS TALE, Tony Fabulous sings about his life on the beach and endless surfing in the song “Big Wave Baby.”

A FABULOUS TALE is an original musical mockumentary about the dynamic entertainer, Tony Fabulous. The filmmakers give a special nod to director Rob Reiner’s THIS IS SPINAL TAP while paying homage to generations of fabulous entertainers.

Director Stuart Spielburger captures Mr. Fabulous during some reflective moments, then combines these interviews with 1950’s home movies, a 1960’s surf scene and recent live concerts. Ultimately, Tony reveals himself in a way only Tony can – through his words and music — that wonderful voice, those clever lyrics. His tunes are peppered with twists and turns, which no one in their right mind would ever think possible. His words resonate within our hearts and minds and involuntarily require us to ask, “Is this guy for real?”

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