L’Engagement 1.0 secures French distribution!

Ouranos boards British, French and American thrillers

by Naman Ramachandran

01/03/2013 – UK, France and US based sales, production and distribution company Ouranos Films who specialise in thrillers, has announced its new international sales titles. Marc Gil’s D-Effects (photo), in post, is a British psychological thriller about a drug and alcohol fuelled London party that goes horribly wrong; Michael Mongin’s Fire And Blood, in pre-production, is a French action saga about an ex-military man in Marseilles on the trail of his friend’s killers; and Marc Gil’s Streetsweeper, in development, is about a Los Angeles bookie who becomes a killer after her disabled sister is murdered. Ouranos CEO Jean-Pierre Afanlome is the producer for all three films.

In addition, Ouranos has acquired French theatrical rights for Stephane Guenin’s political thriller about international terrorism L’Engagement 1.0, with a view to releasing it in late 2013. Ouranos are co-producers along with Matisse Films.

Afanlome said, “I couldn’t be more pleased of our new international sales line-up and the distribution deal we secured to release Stephane’s film. These are exciting times at Ouranos Films, we are getting busier and busier, and the acquisition strategy we implemented over the years is now reflecting our editorial line and the market should respond positively to our content.”