Refuge Moves To Next Stage of Filmed Production

With all the pieces coming together to begin pre-production for the short film REFUGE, EuroPacific Films is very excited about moving production to the next level. To centralize all parts of production into one location, EuroPacific Films has opened office space in Vienna, Austria. Indiepool, an independent Austrian film association that will operate the office space, has been named Associate producer of the filmed project, and will operate the office space.

KFlect and other companies will sponsor film
Frederic Kroczek, the head of the Vienna Jewish Film Festival, has met with EuroPacific Films about partnering with the production. Mr. Kroczek also owns a company called KFlect that has developed a lighting system that is now a sponsor of REFUGE. The Kflect lighting system will be used when appropriate in coordination with Arri lighting during the filming.

In addition to KFlect, Arri Budapest is the largest sponsor of the film, supplying camera lighting grips and dollies. Red Bull, Manner, Stroeck, and several other companies have also come on board as sponsors!

About Refuge: The Inspiration
The film was inspired by Austria and its history, and by the parallels between the treatment of the Jews in the 1930’s and 40’s and the current treatment of primarily Muslim Middle Easterners. In addition to the narrative footage we shoot, REFUGE will juxtapose archival footage of Austria during the rise of Hitler with news footage from the refugee crisis in Austria today. This film will shed light on the plight of the refugees and hopefully inspire others to help.