EPF Raises $5060 For Short Film Refuge

And that’s a wrap on our Indiegogo campaign for Refuge! Due to the generous supporters of our short film REFUGE, we were able to raise $5,060. More information on the film will be coming!

The Film
REFUGE is the story of Rachel, a young Jewish-American woman who moves to Vienna, Austria to work for the IAEA. She befriends an Ethiopian Jew, a former refugee, in her apartment complex named Yitzhak. Together they reconcile Austria’s Holocaust past with the current refugee crisis gripping Europe.

The Inspiration
The film was inspired by Austria and its history, and by the parallels between the treatment of the Jews in the 1930’s and 40’s and the current treatment of primarily Muslim Middle Easterners. In addition to the narrative footage we shoot, REFUGE will juxtapose archival footage of Austria during the rise of Hitler with news footage from the refugee crisis in Austria today. This film will shed light on the plight of the refugees and hopefully inspire others to help.