Two Feature Projects in the Works

EuroPacific Films is currently in discussions with executives from Gaumont Film Company about two new feature projects. Concession (written in English) is an action-drama based on historical records of the French Concession in Shanghai just prior to World War 2 and the invasion of Shanghai by the Japanese.

The other project, Untitled New Caledonia Movie, is an action-thriller based on the eye-witness account of a French special forces commando who traded his freedom for that of the hostages. On the eve of the presidential elections in France in 1987, roadblocks, gun battles, and the destruction of property culminated in a dramatic hostage crisis on Ouvéa Island, when pro-independence militants killed four gendarmes and took 27 hostages. The film is currently being developed to be filmed in French with English subtitles.

“We’re committed to telling new stories that include both historical and engaging elements,” stated Michael Hofstein, President of EuroPacific Films. “We think that the average person put in the middle of extraordinary events celebrates the triumph of the human spirit, which makes great cinema.”

About Gaumont Film Company
Gaumont Film Company is a French mini-major film studio that is the first and oldest film company in the world, founded before other studios such as Pathé, Titanus, Nordisk Film, and Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures. Gaumont predominantly produces, co-produces, and distributes films. The company is increasingly becoming a TV series producer with its new American subsidiary Gaumont International Television as well as its existing French production features.

You can follow Gaumont Film Company on Twitter @gaumontfilms.