L’Engagement 1.0 Will Premiere on 17 December 2015 In Paris

L’Engagement 1.0, a new film from EuroPacific Films, focuses on Parisian lawyer Nathan Ganzer who, while being held for interrogation at the DCRI, is questioned around the clock by Commissioner David and his men about imminent terrorist attacks on French soil as time is quickly running out!

“L’Engagement 1.0 is the one movie that foreshadowed the terrorist attacks on Paris, France. Distributors and theater owners were too afraid to show it. Now one theater is brave enough to show France what can happen and what is happening,” says Michael Hofstein, President of EuroPacific Films. “The directing and acting are superb! The possibilities, startling!”

The French language movie (with English subtitles) was filmed in Paris and Gohory, France, and stars Geoffroy Thiebaut, Franck Cabot-David, Geraldine Girault, Baker Guennoun, Bruno Henry, and Alexandre Le Provost. The film was written and directed by Stephane Guinan, and produced by Michael & Marian Hofstein.

The film will premiere 17 December 2015, 20h30 at Le St André des Arts Theater in Paris. Tickets can be purchased through the theater’s official website.