Refuge’s 2nd Secret Perk is Now Available

Refuge’s second secret perk is now available! Proclaim yourself a Hunger Games victor and show your dedication to the Mockingjay with this exclusive Hunger Games item Catching Fire hat, which was only available for the cast and crew. You’ll also receive a photo signed by Marian Green from the set of Catching Fire and Refuge’s Digital Package. To view the hat below in full color, place your cursor over the photos.



Marian Green portrayed the District 9 female tribute in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

For more information on how to receive these exclusive items, be sure to visit the film’s official website on INDIEGOGO.

About Refuge
Refuge is the story of Rachel, a young Jewish-American woman who moves to Vienna, Austria to work for the IAEA. She befriends an Ethiopian Jew, a former refugee, in her apartment complex named Yitzhak. Together they reconcile Austria’s Holocaust past with the current refugee crisis gripping Europe.